About Us

Sports and Social Club

Title: The organisation shall be called “The Society of Saint Florain.”  


The main purpose of the society shall be to promote and foster goodwill and a strong bond of comradeship amongst all members of the society. 


Aims and Objectives:

The objects of the society shall be to promote and encourage a deep interest in the welfare of its less fortunate members. It shall also encourage and promote social activities to cater for all its members. It shall also be the object of the society to press for suitable facilities to suit all sports.  


The elected Executive shall take the necessary steps to prevent abuses of the rules and regulations laid down in the workings of the society.  


The Executive shall consist of the following Offices: 

1. Chairman.
2. Vice Chairman
3. Hon. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Registrar
6. Such other officers and sub commitees as may be considered necessary.  

The Chairman shall have a casting vote in the proceedings of the meeting. The quorum for meetings shall be decided at general meeting.  

Term of Office:

Shall be one year. Each member shall, if he or she desires, go forward for re election.  

Established 12th December 1975.


1952 Dennis Limousine Pumpescape.

This is a 1952 Dennis Limousine Pumpescape. Straight eight petrol engine with a steel escape ladder. This appliance has always been in use in the Cork City Fire Brigade. Reg. No. ZF 3696. It is now used for promoting the Fire Brigade and raising fire and safety awareness in the home and workplace on different occasions during the year.