Community Fire Safety

Community Fire Safety

National Primary Schools Fire Safety Programme.


The Fire Safety Education Programme - “Safety Team” was launched in November 2006 by the Department of Environment, Heritage, and Local Government. It aimed to reach 53,000 primary students in 3,300 schools across the country on an annual basis.


As part of cross border co-operation between Northern Ireland Fire Brigade (NIFB) and the Fire Service in the Republic of Ireland the programme is being undertaken with the assistance of the NIFB “Safety Team” Pack. The “Safety Team” pack is a colourful age appropriate pack and has been designed by the Community Development Team of the NIFB. Each participating student receives a “Safety Team” pack.


The Programme is delivered in a one hour lesson by Fire Service personnel. The aim of the presentation is to establish a positive link between the community and the Fire Service and as part of their homework the children are required to interact with their families on elements of the programme thus spreading the fire safety message into the wider community.



Topics included in the Programme are as follows:


  • The dangers of fire and the importance of basic fire prevention – A Home Safety Check Sheet is given to each student.


  • The importance of owning a sufficient number of properly fitted and regularly tested fire detectors/ alarms.


  • The importance of a night-time safety routine check.


  • The importance of escape plans and regular rehearsals.


  • The correct actions to be taken if in a fire situation including dealing with clothing fires (“Stop, Drop, Roll”) and the correct procedure for calling the emergency services and correct procedure for calling the emergency services.


  • The dangers and consequences of hoax calls, arson, and of attacks on fire crews.


  • The importance of informing family and friends of this education


This programme is ongoing.