Operational Brigade

Operational Brigade

Structure of Cork City Fire Brigade

Cork City Fire Brigade is an organisation of engineering/technical staff, administrative staff and full time fire personnel, to discharge the functions of the Fire Authority in accordance with Section 10 of the Fire Services Act, 1981. The Brigade has a disciplined structure with its own uniform, rank and discipline code. The brigade is divided into two sections, operational and prevention.  

The following is the layout of the rank structure within the fire brigade in Cork City.

Organisation Chart

There are four watches in the Brigade:  

Amber, Blue, Green, Red.  

Each watch has 1 third officer, 2 station officers, 2 sub officers, 3 leading fighters and 27 fire fighters. 

There is a minimum of 19 Firefighters on duty at any time. 

Officer positions up to the rank of Second Officer are attained by promotion through the ranks from Firefighter. The ranks of Chief Fire Officer, Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Fire Prevention Officer require a technical qualification and are filled by open competition administered by the Local Appointments Commission.  

Firefighters work 168 hours per month or an average 42 hour week. Two on duty systems are presently used within the Brigade. Those who entered prior to 1975 operate a 24 hour system, i.e. they are on duty for 24 hours every fourth day. Those who entered after 1975 operate split shift system working either 9 hour or 15 hour shifts except at weekends when they work a 24 hour shift.  

The Fire Brigade in Cork city operates from two stations, the headquarters in Anglesea Street and a sub-station in Ballyvolane. The Anglesea Street headquarters became operational in May 1975. It is a 5 bay station and can house 10 appliances. The sub-station is in the northside of the city at Ballyvolane on the North Ring Road and became operational in June 2001. It can house 2 appliances.